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Rob Fischer, OPEG's past President, surprised 2011 Spring Conference participants by reciting a poem he had written about his experience with OPEG. 

Ode to OPEG
Rob Fischer, President 2005 - 2011
May 20, 2011

A professional without a home, kinda lonely too,

Looking for colleagues who do what I do.

What’s this? Could it be?

An 88 county support network for nearly free.

Building my tool kit and making connections,

Joined a committee, then suddenly, elections.

On the board, what an honor to serve,

Lots of work, many chances to swerve.

Seniority sneaks up, thanks to board attrition

Lots of opportunities to make a contribution.

Wait…President…that’s not what I wanted,

Too bad, missed the meeting, and got nominated.

Little known secret, President is not hard

The key is having board members who do their part.

Programs are the backbone of what we do,

Thank goodness for Marsha, Nancy, and Shon, too!

Time has flown and it has been a pleasure,

The friendships I’ve made I will always treasure.

Thank you OPEGers for being part of this association,

OPEG is strong and is a model for the nation.

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